We have updated the Aberdeen City and Shire infographic

We have updated our Aberdeen City and Shire infographic to reflect further companies added and the additions that registered CC users have made to heir company profiles. Oil & Gas remains the largest sector for IT companies by a huge margin with 42% of It companies providing products and services into Oil & Gas. 

The business focus area has shown some changes, SaaS, Production Reporting, Document Management, and Hydrocarbon Accounting replace the previous top four of Finance, Production Reporting, Process Control and CRM. The top three skills remain the same with a slight change in %:

  • 27% of IT companies in the area provide Software Development services. This is comparable with the average for Scotland
  • 16% of IT companies in the area provide Project Management skills. This is considerably higher than the average of 9% for Scotland.
  • 13% of IT companies in the area provide Website Design skills. This is lower than the average of 17% for the rest of Scotland. 

Please have a look at our updated infographic by following the links below

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