Student and Graduate Series: Hristina Dimitrova

This week we have a new entry in our ongoing student and graduate series. The great thing about this series is that we've been able to speak to interesting individuals studying diverse topics from a huge variety of universities. This has led to some fantastic insights and many of the people we've spoken to look like they may go on to do some very exciting things.

This week we spoke to Hristina Dimitrova, who has just achieved a first for her thesis at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. In her thesis she looked at the never-ending usefulness of social media, and how it specifically can be utilised by SMEs in marketing their business. She has some great insights having done some fresh research into the issue, and the article is well worth a read for anyone interested in the progression of SMEs.

Hristina is originally from Bulgaria and in her interview she also talks about the attraction of Aberdeen as a place to study, as well as what she hopes to do next.

The full article can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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