The Start Up Series by Company Connecting. Parts Two and Three.

Company Connecting is back with instalments Two and Three from our Start Up Series written by our director Janice Grant Shaw. Part's two and three looking at converting ideas into a business, and the so called 'pivot' which many start ups go through during their development from inception to full fledged business. Both articles are well worth a look as they help to explain Company Connecting's motivation, experiences and where our offering originates. They are also useful for anyone thinking of going it alone and starting up their own company, especially a tech startup! 

You can read both pieces through the links below, as well as checking out Janice's most recent blog on the state of sexism within the IT and Oil and Gas industries which has created a lot of attention! 

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The Start Up Series by Company Connecting. Part Three. Sexism is alive and well, and it's not funny. The Start Up Series: Part One