The Start Up Series by Company Connecting

Insights into starting a company - one woman's experience. These articles were all written by Company Connecting director Janice Grant Shaw and draw upon her own experience in establishing Company Connecting. You can read about the journey from a background in farming and whisky to fighting zombies.

The series follows all of the major steps involved in starting up a company or business. From the inception of an initial business idea to value propositions and developing a proof of concept.

The series is a must read for any entrepreneurs starting out with their first business, or even those with existing businesses looking to diversify or establish new companies.

We would love to hear about the experience of others - so please contact Janice

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What is a start up - part 1?The Startup experience with Company Connecting. Part Two: – Converting Ideas into a BusinessThe Startup experience with Company Connecting. Part Three: – To pivot or not to pivot?The Start Up experience with Company Connecting. Part Four: - The Brave StepThe Start Up experience with Company Connecting. People matter. Investing Women. Part FivePathfinder Accelerator helps save you from the Zombies. Startup series: Part SixGetting Company Connecting off the ground with Interface Online. The Startup experience: Part SevenHow many hours a week is too many? Company Connecting Startup Experience: Part EightDeveloping the Proof of Concept for Company Connecting. The Startup experience Part NineWhat do you do with your Proof of Concept? The Startup Experience Part TenWhen should you start thinking about Social Media? | Company ConnectingThe Sound of Silence - Can you bear it? Startup series part 1213 Tools to manage Social Media – Startup Series part 13