Sexism is alive and well, and it's not funny.

This week there has been a prominent reminder in the press of the kind of environment which women in the UK have to endure, be it in a professional setting or in everyday life. The crass headline 'Legs-it' featured in the Daily Mail has been defended by Sarah Vine as a tongue-in-cheek take on the very serious matter of Brexit and a potential second Scottish Independence referendum. Not only was this headline making light of the serious implications for British and European society that the major political upheavals of recent times have caused; but it communicates that even though women may reach the very pinnacle of power, as Prime Minister, or First Minister of Scotland, they can still face tasteless jibes and sexualisation by national newspapers. 

Company Connecting's director, Janice Grant Shaw found echoes of her own experience of sexism within the Daily Mail's disrespectful headline, and was inspired to write a blog on her own experiences and take on the state of sexism and equality within the professional world. It is an open and frank take on life as a woman working at a high level within various industries including Oil and Gas and IT. To read Janice's article, click the link below:

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