Scottish IT Companies: Cyber Security Infographic 2018

The latest Company Connecting infographic provides information on 270 Scottish Tech companies that have Cyber Security related skills.

These companies are part of almost 4,500 tech companies researched by Company Connecting. We have published many different infographics for various demographics, skills and sectors. The information in the Company Connecting database is constantly updated by the companies themselves and the Company Connecting research team. 

Some quick facts on the Scottish Cyber Security companies:

  • The distribution of company ages is interesting with 0-5 years at 14%, 6-10 years at 26% and >10 years at 44%. 
  • SMEs, Financial Services and IT are the top three sectors serviced by the companies.
  • Security, Mobile display and Information Security are the top three focal areas.

Follow the link below for the interactive infographic.

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