The Scottish Digital Economy Doesn't Stop at Dundee

The growth of the Scottish Digital Economy is extremely important, and it was therefore fantastic to hear recently when studies by Tech City UK and Nockolds Solicitors named Scotland as the fastest growing Digital Economy in the UK, bar London. There is great value in understanding how technology businesses are growing around the UK; a fact we at Company Connecting are especially aware of. However, the Tech Nation 2017 Digital Tech Economy map doesn’t properly represent Scotland. It appears, looking at the map, that IT companies in Scotland don’t go beyond Dundee.

It would be a great shame for this to be seen as accurate, as areas North and South of  Dundee and the Central Belt are also home to many interesting and innovative IT companies that make a large contribution to Scotland's role in growing the UK Digital Economy.

The detailed, original research carried out by Company Connecting provides a true representation of the spread of IT companies around Scotland. To read the full article containing maps and an interesting infographic representing the data, click the link below.

The Scottish Digital Economy doesn't stop at DundeeScottish IT Companies: The 2017 Infographic SeriesConcentration of IT Companies In Scotland by Council AreaCompany Connecting Infographic: IT companies in Inverness and the surrounding area