Scottish Artificial Intelligence Infographic

The latest Company Connecting infographic provides information on 186 Scottish Tech companies that have Artificial Intelligence related skills.

These companies are part of 4,437 tech companies researched by Company Connecting. We have published many different infographics for various demographics, skills and sectors. The information in the Company Connecting database is constantly updated by the companies themselves and the Company Connecting research team. 

We have taken a broad interpretation to Artifical Intelligence and included companies with skills in machine learning, analytics and big data. In a future infographic we will take a closer look at companies working in the data area.

Some quick facts on the Scottish AI companies:

  • The infographic provides insights into186 Scottish companies
  • 64% of the Companies are based in Glasgow and Edinburgh.
  • Many of the companies are mature i.e. 58% are  more than 5 years, and 30% are 10 years or more.

Follow the link below to see some more facts and the interactive infographic.

InfographicArtificial IntelligenceMachine Learning
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