Scotland Technology Companies 2020-2021: Part One || Company Connecting

This is the first in the Company Connecting 2020-2021 series of infographics. We have updated all of our data on Scottish Technology companies to include all companies registered up to the end of 2019. We have over 5,000 companies on the database of which 2,554 are based in Scotland. We also have details of a further 720 which have been dissolved in the past six years. WE have started work on the companies created in 2020.

The infographic has two pages. The first contains the most current data, and the second contains the information for the previous year. There are some differences which we are checking further. This may due to the significant number of dissolved companies.

Follow the links below or click here to access the infographic

Scotland 2020 -2021 Tech and IT Companies: Part One || Company ConnectingMaking a Difference. What does it mean to you?Sexism is alive and well, and it's not funny.