In a Nutshell with David Howarth of iDE8

This week Company Connecting is publishing a series of articles highlighting one of the most exciting areas of IT and Technology, Digital Health, also known as Med Tech. The innovation and advancements being made using digital technology to improve the lives of patients and the effectiveness of various treatments by health practicioners is definitely an industry to keep an eye on.  

With that in mind, Company Connecting spoke to David Howarth of IDE8. IDE8 was founded in 2015 and is based in Inverness, Scotland. The company was founded with the idea of providing cost efficient technology and product developement service to medical device companies. David's article is full of valuable insights about the exciting world of healthcare technology and gives a glimpse of IDE8's mission and work.

Folow the links below to read the full article:

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In a Nutshell with David Howarth of iDE8The Role of Wearables in Digital Health | Company ConnectingIT Companies in the Healthcare and Digital health sectors: A Company Connecting Infographic