In a Nutshell with Angus Addlesee of Wallscope

Our first nutshell of 2020 features Angus Addlesee of Wallscope. He is a machine earnign enginner, and works in an interesting area, combining innovative thinking with finding methods of applying technology to help others.

We first met Angus Addlesee several years ago when we interviewed him for our graduate series. He was at Heriot-Watt and was studying for an MSc in Artificial Intelligence.

Angus joined Wallscope following an introduction via Company Connecting at Data Talent Scotland 2017. He is Wallscope’s Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher, and at the same time he is working on his PhD.

Last year he wrote an article for Company Connecting on Conversational AI -  looking at how to make conversational agents such as Siri, Alexa, Cortona etc more natural to talk with. Fascinating stuff.

Follow this link to read his nutshell, and the links below to read further articles

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