Matthew Dickinson: Life as an Apprentice in Technology and Telecoms

We interviewed Matthew Dickinson, a young chap who left school in 2015 with no qualifications. He is now an apprentice with The Apprentice Store based in Inverness. Via the Shirlie project, he had three placements, and his placement within the NHS IT department convinced him that IT was where his future lay. Matthew is now well on his way to achieving a “Diploma for Information Technology and Telecommunications Professionals”. He is a quick leaner and already has his own clients who he manages.

Matthew provides an insight into his role as an apprentice and how he got there. This looks like a great option to make training in IT more accessible to young people. They learn IT skills, they get paid, they build up experience and at the same time provide valuable resources to companies.

Click on the link below to read Mathews story.

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