Making a Difference: What Inspires you?

Company Connecting is preparing its publishing schedule for the ‘Making a Difference’ series.  At the start of month, Janice Grant Shaw of Company Connecting received a great response from a number of people on the potential for the series. Janice, will start the series with a look at what ‘Making a Difference’ may mean to different people and companies.

It is important that we provide as wide a perspective as possible, so if this is something that interests you, or you have thoughts on what Making a Difference means, then please contact Janice via the Company Connecting support e-mail or via linkedin Even if writing is not your forte, it would still be good to hear your ideas and experience, and of course Video  or podcasts are an option too.

Below are some of the questions the series will address, if you have further questions that need to be answered then go for it.

  • What does Making a Difference mean?
  • What does it mean to me?
  • How can we all make a difference?
  • How is technology making a difference to particular sectors e.g. health and education?
  • How can Making a Difference and Commercial realities work together?
  • Is there a problem solving aspect?
  • Is it about stretching technology?
  • What other questions do you think need answered about making a difference?
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