IT Companies: There is so much going on!

In 2015 we completed the research on IT companies registered in Scotland, and added the data profiles onto Company Connecting. Recently we have been researching IT companies in Cambridgeshire, and at the same time IT companies from elsewhere in the UK have registered and updated their company profiles.

Our infographic this week covers all companies on Company Connecting (including a few from outwith the UK). We have also published a GOogle map so that you can see where IT companies are. From our database:

  • 65% of the IT companies have less than 20 employees
  • The biggest customer sector for IT companies is IT itself
  • This is followed by Healthcare, Oil and Gas and Financial Services
  • Oil & Gas probably reflects the fact that 70% of the companies currently on our database are in Scotland
  • 43% of the companies providing services to the Healthcare sector are in England
  • 35% of IT companies have skills in Software Development

Please take a look at our map and infographic by following the links below.


IT CompaniesCyber SecurityCambridge
IT Companies: Infographic summarising all the information on IT companies on Company ConnectingInteractive Map of all IT companies on Company ConnectingIT Companies with Software Development skills: Infographic from Company ConnectingIT Companies with APP Development skills: Infographic from Company Connecting.