Intelligent Problem Solving with Dr Neil Urquhart of Edinburgh Napier

Yesterday Company Connecting began it’s series of articles on Edinburgh’s Tech and IT community, with a fantastic interview with Kendra Byers of StartEdin. Having just completed our previous series on Artificial Intelligence, our next article bridges the gap between both AI and Edinburgh. Dr Neil Urquhart is a lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University in the field of AI, and he was kind enough to share on of his fantastic articles on the subject, titled: ‘Intelligent Problem Solving’.

The article takes a look at addressing real-world scheduling and routing problems with AI, and the changing methods adopted by AI to become truly intelligent. It looks at how Ai is attempted to go beyond its initial adoption as a tool for simplistic planning, and gain the same level of insight as that of an experienced senior manager.  

To get Dr Urquhart’s full insights, read the article below, and don’t forget to visit his website to hear more about his research and roles at Edinburgh Napier.

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Intelligent Problem Solving with Dr Neil Urquhart of Edinburgh NapierSpotlight on Edinburgh: An Interview with Kendra Byers of StartEdinArtificial Intelligence and Related Skills Infographic