An Idiots Guide to R & D Tax Credits

Company Connecting has partnered with Jumpstart to provide information on the Government R & D Tax Credit Scheme. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing several articles to provide a better understanding of the scheme. We will also be publishing more infographics on tech areas such as Software Development, AI, Business Intelligence, AR etc. – all of which involve considerable investment in R&D.

The R&D Tax Credit scheme was launched 18 years ago to encourage companies to invest in innovation. The tax relief for SMEs is between 24.7% and 33.35% of eligible activities.  

Most of Company Connecting’s client base is involved in some sort of technology and so there is a very high chance that they will be eligible to claim the R&D tax relieve. Jumpstart has a very straightforward methodology to help companies with the claims and minimize the effort from the company.

Follow the link below to read the first in the Series on R&D Tax credits

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