Holistic Integrated Cyber-Physical or Industrial Cyber Security

Cevn Vibert has already contributed two fantastic articles to Company Connecting’s continuing Cyber Security Month. His first two articles focused on a career in Cyber Security, and Cyber Security for Industry. Continuing with the theme of protecting industry, Cevn has drafted a detailed and insightful article which tackles the physical aspect of Cyber Security. This involves the protection of facilities such as control centres, and how physical security such as fences, alarms, cameras and security staff can protect data, networks and other digital infrastructure.

Cevn starts by breaking down a few key phrases, and then sets out two distinct scenarios which illustrate two separate hypothetical security breaches. The quality and level of detail contained in this article make it Cevn’s best yet, and is one of the most exciting in Company Connecting’s Cyber Security Month series.


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