Glasgow IT Companies: The Company Connecting 4000 infographic series

This week our infographic summarises the skills, sectors, size etc. of IT companies registered or with a base in Glasgow. Last week we took a look at all the 4,000 IT companies – which sets a benchmark to compare the Glasgow data against.

  • There are many common factors between the Glasgow data and the ‘Company Connecting 4,000’. The sectors of Education, Financial Services and Health, all appear in the To 10 Sectors that IT companies provide services too.
  • Software Development is top of the skills
  • If we amalgamate the number of companies who have 0-1 and 2-5 employees, then Glasgow reflects the figures across the wider database

Company Connecting has information on 4,000 IT companies, of which 2,400+ are in Scotland. We are adding the company profiles for IT companies in the rest of the UK and overseas. If you would like to get your company added then please register and we will do the rest.

Follow the links below to see the Glasgow data, the data for the ‘Company Connecting 4,000’ and some older infographics based on a previous dataset.


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