Digital Health Series: An interview with Biotaware Ltd

It's been an exciting week of content so far over at Company Connecting and we've been leading our latest Digital Health series with a range of content by Sarah Iqbal, Head of Digital Life Sciences at Biotaware Ltd. Today is the last of Sarah's excellent contributions, and we round off with an interview with Biotaware itself. Biotaware is a leading company within the Digital Health industry and is involved in a number of different technologies within the field. These include App development, wearables, analytics, and cloud systems to connect these various components. 

The interview is a real insight into a company working at the forefront of digital health. You can read the interview, as well as Sarah's two previous articles on digital health through the links below: 

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Digital Health Series: An interview with Biotaware LtdThe Digital Health Industry by Sarah Iqbal of Biotaware Ltd.The Technology Elements Driving and Adopting Digital Health by Sarah Iqbal of Biotaware