The different faces of Artificial Intelligence

Over the years we have published many different articles on Artificial Intelligence. The articles range from our infographic insights to the type of companies that are working in AI and ML, to interviews with students and academics.

Below is a selection of some of the articles. We will publish more later in the week

Company Connecting Infographic looks at 123 tech companies with skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Analytics.

Technology: Disrupting the Legal Profession is the subject of Callum Sinclair and Grant McGregor's thoughtful view on technology in the legal profession.

How are the banking and legal sectors embracing AI and document automation software? Greig Duncan looks at the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on document automation software in the banking and legal sectors.

Angus Addlesee has written a couple of articles for us. Angus as still a student when he wrote his first article on why he decided to study for an MSc in AI. He writes about speech interaction with AI.   his second article, Angus provides insights into the fascinating work into the field of conversational AI and how it can help with the healthcare and mental wellbeing of the elderly.

Intelligent Problem Solving is the subject of the article by Dr. Neil Urquhart of Edinburgh Napier. The article looks at addressing real-world scheduling and routing problems with AI, and the changing methods adopted by AI to become truly intelligent.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Analytics IT CompaniesTechnology: Disrupting the Legal ProfessionHow are the banking and legal sectors embracing Artificial Intelligence and document automation software?Graduate Series: An Interview with Heriot-Watt student Angus AddleseeConversational AI with Angus Addlesee of Heriot-WattIntelligent Problem Solving with Dr Neil Urquhart of Edinburgh Napier