Cybersecurity as the area of strategic actions and challenges

Company Connecting is now into it’s final week of focus on Cyber Security, and it comes at a particularly busy time in the UK press for Cyber Security.

Philip Hammond this week announced a new UK Cyber Security strategy, in this announcement he said the UK will ‘strike back’ at those that seek to do it harm in Cyber Space. Indeed, many experts believe that the first act of any future major war will be a debilitating Cyber Attack to a countries key infrastructure.

With that in mind, Company Connecting’s latest article gives an insight into The Kosciuszko Institute, an independent, non-governmental and non-profit research institute founded in 2000. The institute’s primary role is to complete reports and policy advice for European and Polish decision makers. It also runs the Cybersecurity Forum, as well as publishing the European Cybersecurity Journal.

Non-government research institutes are on the front line of shaping Cyber Security policy in many countries globally, especially in Europe. Many may already be familiar with institutes and think-tanks such as the Royal United Services Institute or Stratford. However, given that The Kosciuszko Institute is based in Poland it is a particularly interesting institute to feature. This is of course because it lies in Eastern Europe, on NATO’s land border with Russia, where many of said Cyber Attacks on Western interests are said to originate.

Read the full article below:

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