Cyber Security Infographic: How Secure is Scotland?

This week has been all about Cyber Security at Company Connecting, as the CC blog is featuring two articles about a scheme called Cyber Essentials that was launched by the Government in 2014. As well as these articles though, this is an ideal opportunity for us at Company Connecting to generate discussion about the Cyber Security skills present in Scotland. These skills are so important in a time where companies of all sizes increasingly need to be able to protect themselves from numerous kinds of cyber threats.

Great timing, then, to publish a new infographic on the Scottish Cyber Security industry as a whole! Given Company Connecting’s position as the authority for data on IT/tech SMEs in Scotland and beyond the company is in a unique position to offer insight into the shape of tech industries. There are some key differences we’ve observed between Cyber Security in Scotland and other parts of the UK. Have a look at the infographic and judge for yourself whether these differences imply Scotland is still waking up to the significance of Cyber Security to all businesses.

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