Cyber Essentials Part 2: Cyber Aggress Interview

How many people can really say that they fully understand Cyber Security? The gaps in knowledge of non-cyber-security-professionals are what can lead to huge losses among businesses both small and large. If a hacker gets hold of a company’s data, they’re going to find something of value.

Earlier this week Company Connecting published an article about the Cyber Essentials scheme which is available to help businesses achieve the level of security necessary to keep their valuable data safe. It also included an interview with someone whose company achieved their Cyber Essentials badge via the help of a company called CyberAggress.

The second half of this focus on CyberAggress and their Cyber Essentials work is an interview with CyberAggress’ own David Evans. He offers his own perspective on the Cyber Essentials scheme as well as talking about his business and providing insights into the Cyber Security industry within which they work.

CyberAggress work using the skills of both David and his colleague Gillian. David is a Cyber Security Consultant and Gillian is a Cyber Essentials SME Advisor. They provide valuable services that benefit businesses in achieving a vital degree of security that so many undervalue and often dismiss. As well as their Cyber Essentials scheme they also offer Security Assessment and Vulnerability Scanning.

We all need to look into how we can become more cyber-secure, and for anyone (particularly any business-person) who would like to know how to achieve this, our interview with David is a great starting point. To read it in full click the link below.

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