Company Connecting the Startup Experience - the whole series

2020 has been a strange year - life changing for many. Time to start up your own business?

Our start up series provides some itneresting insights on our own journey.

There are 10 articles in the series - perhaps you would like to write an article about your own experience?

A taster from the first in the series - What is a start up........................?

"When I started Company Connecting, I never thought of it as a ‘Start up’. I had several ideas for a business and key for me was to be independent and live up to my new motto ‘Life is too short to work for someone else’.

I come from a long line of farmers and engineers who all ran businesses. There is even the odd (illegal) whisky distiller in my past. Many travelled far and wide, working in Canada, America, India and Australia, always with the objective of setting up a business. They were single minded, adventurous, inventive, practical, hardworking, and brutally independent. They got on with their lives and answered to no one". Read the rest of the article here

The articles in the series cover various aspects of starting up a company:

2. Converting Ideas into a Business – ideas are all very well – but what next?

3. To Pivot or not to Pivot – where we think we are going with the business is likely to change significantly

4. The Brave Step – go for it or not? Our motto was “Be scared. Be brave. Make a decision. Get on with it.

5. People Matter. Investing Women – get help!

6. Pathfinder Accelerator helps save you from the Zombies. Every business will have a zombie or a vampire!

7. Getting Company Connecting off the ground with Interface Online. We received help with getting the proof of concept set up.

8. How many hours a week is too many? The amount of effort in getting a company off the ground can be huge. What’s ‘standard’ for others may not be standard for you.

9. Developing the Proof of Concept – Working with Strathclyde University to create the Proof of Concept

10. What do you do with your Proof of Concept? What next?


Startup Experience
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