Company Connecting Infographic: E-Learning, Training and Education

Today’s CC blog sees the original publication of the latest infographic based on Company Connecting data: this time on Scottish E-Learning, Training and Education. The way in which we learn and develop at work and in general is of course highly relevant to the future success of individuals and businesses in Scotland. It’s therefore understandable that the field of E-Learning, which aims to make learning easier and more effective, is experiencing extensive growth itself in this country and beyond.

There are 287 IT and tech companies in Scotland who work in E-Learning, Training and Education. The Company Connecting Infographic on these companies displays a detailed break-down of information on the sectors in which they work, their size, main focus areas, geographic location and the skills they possess.

For example, we can reveal that there are 132 Scottish E-Learning, Training and Education companies with Bespoke Training Skills (this is the most commonly found skill); but even the presence of 29 companies in the industry with App Development skills shows how we are increasingly choosing to learn and teach. As well as the obvious increase in access to educational material online, from a business point of view the growth in development of E-Learning material is undoubtedly also due to the fact that it is cheaper and easier to create an electronic course for all employees than to put together physical training events.

It is an industry of great significance and one which we are all likely to engage with at some point. Understanding the data on the industry in Scotland can therefore be very beneficial in understanding how Scotland is progressing in the growth of its own E-Learning, Training and Education industries – continued growth is important as we can’t afford to be left behind.

The full article - including the infographic itself - can be viewed by clicking the link below.

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