Company Connecting is Changing

Company Connecting is changing!

We are working with Wallscope to have a bright new website, and to make it easier to organise our research on tech companies.

We have over 300 articles on Company Connecting and these are ranged across various areas of interest and categories. We are going to make these much more searchable and have them grouped in a way that readers can browse more easily.

It will be possible to search for articles by category (e.g. cyber security, Artificial intelligence etc.), as well as tags (e.g. startup, infographics etc) and also by author.

We are also introducing a community board. On the community board we will publish information on funding, job opportunities, and anything which can help tech businesses or companies who need help understanding technology.

Once we have the new site in place we will start to publish series of articles again such as our Nutshell, Startups, infographics, cyber security etc.

Would you like to contribute an article? We publish them on the site and then distribute via Linkedin and Twitter. Below are some examples of articles.

The Startup Series was inspired by meeting so many people in the early days of Company Connecting who were starting up companies. So many different experiences and so many similarities

Nutshells provide an insight to people in tech. They are a light-hearted look at their interests and their background. We provide a template with a variety of questions, which our nutshells complete.

Our Making a Difference series was inspired by Claire Kinloch at Genoa Black.  During a session with Company Connecting she commented on the importance of ‘Making a Difference’ to many people she met in business and working in technology areas.

We started the Graduate and Student series because we wanted to publicise the diverse paths and options for people taking up technology jobs. We also wanted to help people who are just starting out or having a career change to raise their profile and tell their story.

So these are an example of some of our series. If you would like to contribute or know more then please contact Janice Grant Shaw at

The Start Up Series: Part OneMaking a Difference. What does it mean to you?Graduate Series: An Interview with Lyndsey Jenkins of Edinburgh Napier