Artificial Intelligence and Related Skills Infographic

We’re midway through our spotlight on Artificial Intelligence at Company Connecting and for our next article we take a look at our own database of AI companies for some insights.

Company Connecting’s Artificial Intelligence Infographic takes a look at the information Company Connecting has on AI companies and their characteristics i.e. skills, size, sectors, and main focus areas. Included in our Artificial Intelligence infographic are companies with related skills including Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning.

In this infographic we have chosen to compare our Scottish data, where we have the best coverage, with our overall data from the UK and beyond, which we are actively researching.

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Artificial Intelligence and Related Skills InfographicBenevolent AI: Shaping the Future of Scientific DiscoveryContextualising Code with Step Size. An Interview with Alexandre OmeyerWhen’s the best time to share on Facebook?