Are you as agile as you think you are?

In the third article from our guest author, Dave Kelly of 2i Testing, Dave takes a look at the meaning of......... Agile. 

The term' Agile' is frequently used for managing projects and developing software - but are companies truly agile?

Dave looks at what it means to be agile. Are the development team achieving the full benefits of an Agile project? Is there still silo thinking? Is the project reverting to mini waterfalls within the project structure?

Dave highlights some of the areas to consider and highlights four key behaviours which may mean that you are less agile than you think you are.

Follow the links to read the full article, and Dave’s previous articles.

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So, you think you’re agile? Dave Kelly provides insights into common behaviours and symptoms whihc indicate you may not be as agile as you think you are!

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So, you think you’re agile? Idea to Reality: Engage with suppliers and test, test, testWhy we Test : Risk Management and Software Testing10 Reasons to Register with Company Connecting