Android Skills In the UK: Infographic

Recently at Company Connecting we’ve noticed a huge interest in some of our older content on Android Skills in Scottish IT – so we thought why not publish some new Android content? The vast majority (~80%) of mobile phones in circulation are Android devices, so it’s therefore clear to see how Android skills influence a country’s ability to have a place in the Mobile industry.

So how is the UK getting on? We’ve used Company Connecting data to create both an infographic and map on Android Skills in the UK, and it provides a really interesting narrative of the nature of companies in this particular industry.

It shows the Gaming sector as the biggest player in UK Android skills, and it's really interesting to see the influence this has on the Geographic spread of these companies.

There's a great variety of companies involved in Android which - as much as anything else - shows the various contributions companies make to the mobile applications market, and the different uses we in the UK have for our mobiles. The industry reflects the market.

To view the infographic and map and read Company Connecting's own unique take on a very modern, relevant and interesting industry, click the link below.

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