Anarkik Creations is raising £20,000 via Crowd Funding

One of our Company Connecting members, Anarkik Creations is raising £20,000 via a crowdfunding campaign. Anarkik Creation uses its own technology (Anarkik 3D) to create distinctive and innovative jewellery and accessories. Its original creations enable people to express their personality.

Ann Marie the CEO of Anarkik Creations is a jewellery designer, who out of need, developed the 3D haptics software for jewellery design. We will bring you more details of Anarkik Creations crowd funding efforts shortly. In the meantime, read about Ann Marie in the link below. Her Nutshell contains a link to her crowdfunding campaign where you can see some of the unique jewellery.

Anarkik Creations is raising £20,000 via CrowdfundingIn a Nutshell with Ann Marie Shillito of Anarkik3D