Aberdeen Tech Companies: 2019/2020 infographics part four

2019-2020 Company Connecting Infographic Series: Infographic Four: Review of 203 Aberdeen tech companies

Company Connecting is making a new series of infographics to celebrate the new year (and because we just updated all our Scottish data). Aberdeen has a huge proportion of IT companies working in the Oil & Gas sector (53%), along with related sectors such as Engineering, Energy and Marine.

In our fourth infographic of the series we are covering Aberdeen City. Our information includes skills, sectors, focus of company, size and age. We will release many more infographics over the next few months covering various large cities and council regions. We want to promote collaboration and business between companies in Scotland and the world.

Our database has the most up to date and accurate vision of Scottish tech and it's various expertise.

You can check out the infographic here or click below to view it or check out some of our other infographics.

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