2019 Cyber Security infographic. 485 Companies

Check out our latest infographic on Cyber security,

You can click here to go straight to it. The infographic covers 485 companies with Cyber Security as a skill. 

We have created a further infographic with a map and word cloud of the companies with cyber security skills in Scotland, and a google map with details of al the UK tech companies on our database with links to cyber security. Follow the links below.

With the rise of IOT(Internet of things) and the worldwide increase in the use of electronic devices able to connect to the internet, cyber security is becoming more important as the world becomes more interconnected.  

Our infographic has loads of interesting information e.g.

  • 12% of the companies provide services to the Financial Sector
  • 46% of the companies are 10 older than 10 years
  • There are many reasonably siazed companies - 37% have 20 personnel or more

Later in the week, we will publish an accompanying map which will show the geographical spread of the companies.

Click here or the link below to see the infographic.

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