2018 Scottish Business and Tech Events: A Company Connecting Directory

The Company Connecting Events Directory: Over the past few years, Laurent Mélin-Quinn has built and maintained a list of business and technology events in Scotland. His research contains loads of information i.e. the event title, date, skills, location and sector, from 2016 to 2018. He has very kindly passed this information onto Company Connecting, to continue to develop and publicise the directory.

Over the next few weeks we are publishing a series of infographics on business and technology events in Scotland past, present and future. e start with a look at the 2018 events which we will continue to add to, as we research and receive further information.

It is a useful directory for anyone interested in tech and business events. It is also helpful to overseas companies who may wish to plan their visit around an event or series of events.

If you have an event you would like added to the director please e-mail us at support@companyconnecting.com

2018 Scottish Business and Tech Events DirectoryIT and Telecoms companies infographic: North East EnglandMap of the UK IT and Telecoms companies on the Company Connecting databaseWhy career changers are just as important as the next generation by Sarah Foxley