Check out the Technology Companies in Moray, Highlands and Islands Councils

Map of the technology companies in the Moray Highlands and Islands Council Region

Infographic of 124 active and 55 dissolved Technology Companies in MOray, Highlands and Islands Councils We have checked and updated all the information for the technology companies in the Moray, Highlands and Islands Councils. The companies tend to be small i.e. 86% have less than 10 employees. There are 124 active technology in the region … Read more

Graduate in Ethical Hacking Available Now

Picture of a hacker accompanying CV of Sebastian Kielich

Sebastian Kielich has a BSc in Ethical Hacking and an HND in Technical Support. His expertise spans networking, system architecture, and exploiting systems. He is proficient in Linux and Windows with knowledge of setting up and managing servers, enabling secure digital asset management and cybersecurity risk mitigation.

Is the Future Remote Working?

Image of hands and laptop representing Remote Working

We look back at what we thought about remote working before Covid The article below was written a few months before Covid hit and changed the way we all lived and worked. At that time we were looking at the opportunities Technology presented for remote working and the ‘Gig’ economy. It is dated – and … Read more