Infographic: Insights into Dissolved Scottish Tech companies 2024

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Quick Overview of the research into dissolved Scottish Technology Companies

Every year Company Connecting conducts a comprehensive review of Scottish technology companies, examining both new additions and the status of existing entries within our database. This meticulous process involves thorough verification, particularly as many companies undergo dissolution each year. Our records of dissolved companies date back to October 2014, and we have kept this information current, with our latest update completed in May 2024.

Company Connecting maintains a comprehensive dataset of dissolved companies as it offers valuable insights into the landscape of technological ventures, showcasing trends in industry dynamics and skill sets. While a handful may undergo acquisition or merger, the majority cease operations altogether. Our infographic highlights data from 1201 Scottish companies dissolved since October 2014, providing a snapshot of this evolving sector

Why do we need to know about dissolved companies?

Company Connecting has researchedtechnology companies since 2015 with a focus on quality of data. The number of Scottish companies dissolved since then is roughly 33%. This figure encompasses businesses that have ceased trading, encountered insolvency, or been subject to acquisition. Scotland's technology landscape is dominated by small enterprises, with 75% boasting fewer than 10 employees, and 29% operated by a lone individual. Analysing dissolved companies offers a window into the challenges faced by technology company owners, enabling us to offer tailored support and foster their growth

Take a look at the Infographic

There are two parts to the infographic. The first page contains the information from the 2014 research, and the second page contains the information from our 2018 research.

Dissolved Scottish IT and Telecoms companies

About company Connecting

With over 6,000 companies featured in our database, including 2,462 active businesses headquartered in Scotland, Company Connecting has the most comprehensive repository of Scottish Tech and IT enterprises. Additionally, we maintain records of 1,201 dissolved companies since October 2014, offering unparalleled insights into the region's technological landscape. Our primary objective is to champion Scottish tech and facilitate collaboration among businesses, recognizing it as a cornerstone for success. For further inquiries or additional information, please feel free to reach out to us via email at

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 Infographic: Insights into Dissolved Scottish Tech companies 2024 First published on Company Connecting May 2024
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