Let’s look at technology companies in Scotland and Northern Ireland

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By Janice


Research into Technology Companies

We continue our research into tech companies in the UK. Currently we are reviewing and updating the details of all the companies we have on our database (6,000+). We have also started to add in the companies created in 2022.

There are some interesting differences between younger and older tech companies. As part of this infographic series looking at tech companies we will publish infographics covering the various age ranges of the companies.

Technology companies in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Scotland and Northern Ireland have both become increasingly popular locations for technology companies in recent years. Both regions boast a talented workforce, strong educational institutions, and a supportive business environment, making them attractive options for tech companies looking to establish a presence in Europe.

Technology companies in Scotland

There are 2,688 active Scottish technology companies with a website and a further 862 companies that have been dissolved in the past seven years. We will continue to review and update the companies on our database. The infographic below contains information on the active and dissolved companies - click between the tabs.

Technology companies in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has a strong technology sector that given the age of the tech companies is clearly growing rapidly. There is a strong focus on Software Development and IT services. From our research we can see there appears to be a growing number of startups and early-stage companies, many of which are focused on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cybersecurity.

The infographic below provides information on 684 Northern Irish technology companies. The information is sepearted into details of technology companies younger than five years, and older - click between the tabs.

Company Connecting research

Company Connecting has over 6,000 tech companies on its database of which 2,688 are based in Scotland, a further 648 are in Ireland, the remainder are in England, Estonia and a few other countries. In 2023 we will take a look at technology in Wales.

Technology Companies Database

We have the most detailed database of Scottish and Northern Irish Tech companies. We want to promote Scottish tech and allow companies to find each other as we see collaboration between business as one of the most important areas for any company. If you would like more information please contact us via e-mail on support@companyconnecting.com

What is a Technology Company?

This is Chat GPT's definition: A technology company is a business that primarily focuses on the development and distribution of technology-based products, services, and solutions. These companies typically use advanced technology and innovative approaches to create new products, improve existing ones, or solve complex problems.

They may specialize in areas such as software development, hardware manufacturing, telecommunications, biotechnology, robotics, or artificial intelligence, among others. Additionally, technology companies often prioritize research and development, innovation, and intellectual property protection, as these are critical to their long-term success. Overall, a technology company is characterized by its reliance on technology to create value and deliver solutions to customers.

We include companies that provide IT support, managed services etc. in our definition of a Technology Company. Many of these companies provide the services to support the development of technology. The whole area of support and managed services is icnreasing in complexity as the layers of technology develop, and the options increase with cloud solutions. Perhaps, the next stage will be space solutions, using computers in space to communciate with one anotehr and carry out processign in space. This is something that Company Connecting worked on a number of years ago.

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Let's look at technology companies in Scotland and Northern Ireland || Company Connecting First published on Company Connecting April 2023