Attend Big Data and Cyber Security 11th May in Edinburgh

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6th Intl. Conference on Big Data, Cyber Security & Critical Infrastructure

This is the Cyber Academy's flagship conference, on Big Data and Cyber Security which extends to Critical Infrastructure and Digital Twins

Data: 11th May from 9:30 to 16:30


Location: Edinburgh Napier University, Craiglockhart Campus, Lindsay Stewart Theatre, 219 Colinton Road Edinburgh. EB14 1DJ

Click here for tickets and for the full details of the conference

The main themes for the conference are:

Big Data & Cybersecurity

New threats and developments in cybersecurity from leaders in industry and academia.

Digital Twins & Critical Infrastructure

Emphasis is given this year to the Critical Infrastructure sector as well as the rise of the Digital Twins: a digital solution that emulates real-time systems and allows experimentation, testing and stress-testing, without any risk to the infrastructure.

Opportunities range to anything from wind turbines and factories, to traffic and agriculture.

Data Protection & IT Law

What happens with GDPR? How is Brexit affecting data protection in the UK? How is IT Law in Ukraine going to play a strategic role to its future?

Spin-outs and R&D opportunities.

Meet the researchers that turned entrepreneurs. The story of TrueDeploy and LastingAsset. Find out how a good idea can turn to a spin-out and attract investors.

There are a number of speakers from industry and academia - for full information click here

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