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By Janice


Continuing on with our 2019-2020 series we are looking at the SME Tech sector in Scotland. We recently did several infographics covering Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Scotland tech which you can view here.
We provide insights into 462 Scottish IT companies that work and provide services in the small business (SME) sector in Scotland. Both Glasgow and Edinburgh have a 20% percent share of the companies. The top skill is Web Design. In all our the other sector infographics we made the top skill was software development.

What is an SME?
Essentially an SME is a small business - 99% of the companies in Europe are an 'SME'. The EU definition of an SME is any company of less than 250 employees. This is further broken down:

  • Medium-sized : Less than 250 staff, and a turnover less than €250 million
  • Small: less than 50 staff, and a turnover less than €10 million
  • Micro: less than 10 staff, and a turnover less than €2 million
2020 SME Tech companies

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