In a Nutshell with Agron Elshani of Uprospr

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We continue our "In a Nutshell" with Agron Elshani of Uprospr

What is UProspr and what do they do?

UProspr is a talent acquisition platform aiming to help employers make better hiring decisions and boost diversity in the workplace. We provide in-house recruitment teams with the tools to attract, assess and select best-fit people to interview, without unconscious biases influencing decisions. Our vision is to automate 80% of the recruitment process using AI and data to deliver quick and bias-free matching results between candidate and jobs.

More Nutshells

What do You do?
I’m the managing director of the business and enjoy working on research and developing new products part of the business. I also handle marketing to promote the business.

What was your very first job?
My first real job was as a business developer for ScotKos. I used to go shop-to-shop selling food products imported from Germany and manage online sales.

How did you get into IT?
I was tasked with developing the website for ScotKos and managing digital marketing. I really enjoyed the process so I continued to learn and develop my skills. I Worked as a freelancer helping local businesses set-up social media pages, websites and digital advertising campaigns.

Interesting fact about You?
I was born in Kosovo and moved to the UK in 1999 during the conflict with Serbia. I Did not speak a word of English when I arrived In Glasgow.

Favourite Place?
Kosovo where I get to spend time with my family and enjoy sunny summers with no rain in sight (Scottish people will understand this)

Dream Car?
Not a fan of driving, prefer to sit in the back seat and daydream. I’m a fan of electric SUV’s, would love to own a Tesla Model X.

Who would you most like to meet and why?
I would love to meet Elon Musk to chat about his vision for moving humans to mars and aerospace.

Current Aspirations for the business or your career?
My dream role would be head of innovation and development. I would love to grow UProspr into a global enterprise creating technology to give people equal opportunities in the workplace.

Any Advice for Others?
If you’re starting a business use Lean Startup methodology to develop a MVP and get feedback from stakeholders.

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