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We continue our "In a Nutshell" with Alexandra Nima of The Sophisticated Geek

What do you do?

My breadmaking business offers copywriting and virtual assistant services, as well as social media management. I also do Business Walking Tours via AirBnb- because: being a foreigner in Estonia can get pretty lonely, I have the knowledge, and there is demand. Due to my past as a performance artist, I have a talent and liking for, as well as a growing network in PR, so I write blog and press articles for fun, and to practise my English. I moderately “like” all of those activities, but I would love to be a singer/performer again. As yet, I lack the health, the money and the time for it.

What was your very first job?

My very first PAID job was working behind the meat counter in a supermarket at 19. The stench was unbearable, I was vegetarian and some customers freaked me out, so I left on my first day. My first UNPAID job was helping out in my father’s dental practise from 16 onwards, both assisting during surgery, and helping with end of the year accountancy.

How did you get into IT?

In a family of (mainly) STEM people, I was told that, being a girl, I am too dumb for technology. It made me despise technology for very long, until I realized I would need biomedical sensor technology (and not psychology, as originally thought) for my artistic project. I then (2016) successfully passed two exams for two tech universities in Vienna (electronics at FH Technikum, and high tech manufacturing at FH Campus). I ended up with the highest score of all applicants for electronics (with no preliminary tech knowledge), amongst mostly young boys with tech college backgrounds. I eventually chose High Tech Manufacturing, but had to quit after 6 months due to my autoimmune disease. The dean gave me the chance to return the year after, but my health had priority. I then(2017) taught myself digital marketing the next year, while I was bed bound, and, after a relocation to Estonia another year later (2018), started to work in that field. I am more interested in digital marketing and electronics than IT right now. Last year though, I won a Udacity Android Developer course, and will do it if I find time.

Interesting fact about You?

I wear costumes in my function as an artist. They represent my higher self- not a fetish (a fetish would represent functions of the ID).

Favourite Place?

Japan, Iceland or the US (haven’t been to any of them yet). Japan for its interesting mix of meditative meets sci-fi, Iceland for its rough, unusual nature (Geysirs!), the US for its vast diversity.

Dream Car?

Solid, Hummer-like cars- or something elegant like a Jaguar. Depending on my mood.

Who would you most like to meet and why?

Dead: Joan of Arc- to (secretly) save her from being raped and murdered for a job well done. Alive: Elon Musk, because I still have a slight crush on him.

Current Aspirations for the business or your career

My dream role is a as a singer, introducing depth psychology and the positive applications of technology to my audience. Everything else is just business, and serves to make money.
Chinese Medicine/Martial Arts and Archetype/Depth Psychology saved my life. I am happy that I was introduced to them very early in my life. I also believe those are two subjects that are direly missing in most school’s curriculum.

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