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By Janice


By the end of the 1950s, Romania was one of  only eight countries who managed to create an electronic computer. As a communist country, the state supported the IT field as it was in a continuous competition with the other "imperialist" countries. The year of 1989 put the freshly democratised Romania in a situation where smugglers and fraudulent privatisations became normal and most of the IT specialists felt like there was no future for them at home in Romania, so they left to work in more developed countries. Despite this loss of skilled tech people, a few of those who stayed decided to open their own businesses and some of these have grown considerably nationally and on the international market e.g. Bitdefender. 

Mariuca and Florin Talpes are husband and wife and they started their business in the living room of their home with money lent from parents. They quickly became an example for the IT business field in Romania. Early 00’s found Romania with 13.000 IT workers and a small number of important companies. In 2003, the Nastase Government introduced a new fiscal facility for the IT workers as they wouldn’t have to pay income tax anymore. It is believed that this is the first step that helped skyrocket Romania’s IT market.

There are people who left Romania and then came back stronger with more knowledge to start a business. There are a few very successful stories that are now multimillion companies e.g. Zitec, Tremend. Most of the companies started with outsourcing.

Romania's background is also very important to mention as the industry is now bringing into country’s economy around £5 billion annually with 100,000 IT workers. At the moment there are needed 12,000 new specialists every year and the educational system only offers 7,000 out of which top students are being offered jobs in the most developed countries in the world..... so they leave. The bigger EU salaries are tempting for the Romanian IT specialists therefore there is always going to be uncertainty for the employers. At the moment, most specialists start their training in the company they are hired (with no significant IT knowledge or experience beforehand) and continue to study and learn during the time they are working.

Good thing is that a job in IT is one of the highest paid in Romania, and in the last 10 years the industry skyrocketed. There are more and more jobs, the salaries have been raised constantly and in the near future it is expected that the IT market will continue to grow.

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