Insights into tech companies working in Oil & Gas

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By Janice


The UK has a thriving oil and gas industry, having extracted close to 44 billion barrels since 1964. Despite (or perhaps because) of the recent downturn, technology companies are becoming incremental in the development of the oil and gas sector. Technology can help to optimise the extraction process as well as increase the overall productivity of the whole sector by implementing digital tools. Our first infographic of 2019 provides insights into IT companies working in the Oil & Gas Sector. Not surprisingly at least 50% of the companies are based in the North East of Scotland, but there is a good spread across Scotland.  Software Development is the top skill with 41% of IT companies involved in developing software. Project management and consulting are also in the top three skills. IT Companies work in many other sectors, Healthcare and Financial Services are in the top 5. Energy, Aerospace, Engineering and Manufacturing all feature in the top 10 sectors serviced by the IT companies. This again reflects on the nature of the Oil & Gas industry – skills in supporting a complex offshore industry. There are a huge variety of business focus areas. Process Control, Risk Management, asset Management and Safety Management are the top three business application areas. The importance of data science is increasing in the oil and gas sector - you can read our interview with Ian Watt of The Data Lab and Cde the City here Please look at our infographic below. It is interactive, so you can hover over the word clouds and charts to get more information. Oil and Gas tech companiesInfogram

Oil and Gas tech companies Infogram
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