Invaluable Communication Tools For Your Startup

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By Janice


No matter what size your company is, or which industry it operates in, effective communication is key to the survival of any business. Thankfully for us, there are a plethora of digital tools which facilitate communication within your organisation. Here is a list of some online tools that will help you improve communication in your company:

1. Slack
Slack is a free online tool that many businesses consider indispensable to their organisation. Slack allows you to create a number of threads, or “chats”, where you can communicate and exchange information/files with your colleagues. For instance, each department in the organisation can have their own “marketing”, “operations” and “finance” thread, in order to communicate with each other and keep track of different projects at the same time. Slack is also easily integrated with other tools like Google Drive, Trello, or Zoom.

2. Google Drive
Google Drive may not be the first communication tool that comes to mind, but it is certainly a must-have when working in a team. Google Drive allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and surveys which you can easily share or edit with team members. One major advantage of Google Drive is that you can see the changes in a document in real-time, which can be very useful when working remotely. Google Drive is completely free for storage of files and documents of up to 15GB and comes with any Gmail email address or GSuite email. Once you are on Google Drive, simply start creating folders, upload your files and share them with your colleagues, or export your files in a variety of formats. Google Drive works on any device and is compatible with both Apple and Microsoft Windows.

3. Zoom
Zoom is a powerful video conferencing app that allows you to host calls for up to 100 participants. Zoom also automatically records all your calls, this is particularly useful if someone from your team was unable to make the call as they can easily catch up on what they missed out on. Zoom offers a comprehensive free basic plan, which means you can try it for yourself before you decide if you want to use it. 

4. Trello
Trello is an essential communication tool for teams within any organisation. To put it simply, Trello is a project management tool with a simple interface, which allows you to easily keep track of your tasks and collaborate with team members. Once a Trello board is created and shared with the team, tasks can easily be added to different columns on the board. For example, you may decide to create five different columns named: “To-Do”, “In Progress”, “Done”, “Problem” “Ideas”. Once a task is finished, it can simply be dragged from “In Progress” to “Done”. Trello allows you to set deadlines, add checklists, delegate work to other members of your team, and most importantly, keep track of all your work in one place.

5. Invision
Invision is an excellent communication tool for any design-related business need. Invision lets you create beautiful prototypes (apps for example), and will allow different members of your team not only access the content, comment, and give you feedback, but go as far as download the prototype app on their phone in order to get a true feel for it. Invision is free which makes it all the more useful when or working on design-related projects.
Make sure you try out some of these tools next time you’re looking to improving your communication channels within your business. Most of these tools are free to try for 30 days before you have to commit to paying for them so it’s worth taking the time to try them out before purchasing.  

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