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By Janice


Importance of technology for all businesses

In the last two decades there has been an enormous growth and increase in the use of technology. From small to large scale business activities there are tens of thousands of processes that are technology based without which a business would definitely not be able to cope with the current industry trend.

A survey that was conducted a few years ago by the US Small Business Administration revealed that almost 75% of small businesses made significant investment in new technologies to meet burgeoning markets and consumer demands. Post Covid, this percentage may well have increased.

For any business, technology is a boon as it not only increases the skill level of the individuals working in different departments but has also made sure that the related tasks can be completed more efficiently. In addition to all this, new opportunities and markets have opened as internet and ecommerce has exploded since the start of the millennium. A huge number of people now work remotely at least part of the time.

We all use technology

In the wake of advancement in science and technology we know that gadgets and gizmos are something we are surrounded by. However for the same reason most of us do not know that even our day to day tasks are dependent upon the use of technology. From the use of springs to lasers and from RFID to accelerometers we are all bound by the use of technology to make sure that our lives are easy to lead.

Taking Java as an example, Oracle claims that Java is everywhere - even in our rooms and cars. So companies are now making the users aware of the fact that without technology life would not only be difficult but even ‘simple’ tasks will become complex and perhaps even impossible.

The markers, trends and the users have changed in the last decade and demand for technology continues to grow to make our lives and businesses bigger and better.  The advancement of technology is inexorable – it seems unstoppable. Designed perhaps to make our lives easier or simpler, it seems at times to do the opposite – particularly when things just don’t work.

So how do you choose the company to supply your IT services?

Maintaining your current status quo, does not mean that companies can stand still with technology. It means a bumpy pattern of change, stablise, work, and finally frustration as technology and systems are superceded.  Companies need a professional IT company that understands their business needs and knows what it is doing.

So take a bit of time to think about what you want out of technology, and how it can work for you before you engage a supplier. It’s all about the relationship. If your IT supplier understands your business and your needs, then this is far more likely to lead to a successful partnership.

Invest time with them, so that they understand your needs, and can provide the tech advice and support you need for your business. now but also in the future. Share your vision for the business. Look on it as a long term partnership, after all tech stuff is complex. It may take a few months to get all the support you need in place, but making the initial effort to build a partnership will pay off.

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