How to search for information on IoT (Internet of Things) skills

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By Janice


Company Connecting registered users can use the search facility. Our 30 second video shows users how to login, and then use the search facility. The company names are anonymised - so if you want more information please contact us at This weeks infographic will provide information on Scottish companies with skills in IoT (Internet of Things), sensors, RFID, Big Data and Analytics. Mitchell Duncan of Jumpstart is our guest author and he provides an overview of what the Internet of Things actucally means - it's actually been around since the early 1980's and widely used in industries that have deployed sensors e.g. Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Engineering etc. To be featured or find out more: e-mail us on  call us on 0845 643 5375 or contact Janice on Linkedin "How to search for information on IoT (Internet of Things) skills" First published on Company Connecting October 2018 ┬ęCompany Connecting