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By Janice


Company Connecting continues its infographic series with a look at the tech companies working in the area of financial services. We have included the banking, insurance, and wealth management sectors as well as companies who provide skills related to financial management such as EPOS and blockchain.

The infographic provides information on 283 Scottish IT and telecoms companies that provide products and / or services in the financial sector i.e. 6% of the IT and telecoms companies in Scotland

Some quick stats on the 283 IT and telecoms companies working in the financial services area:

  • 75% of the companies are five years or older
  • The top three sectors serviced by these companies are banking, retail and consumer goods, and healthcare
  • 52% of the companies have more than 10 employees. 2% of the companies have over 5000 employees
  • Payment processing, electronic point of sales (EPOS)  and Client Relationship Management (CRM) are the top three focal areas.

There is lots more information in the infographic below. It is interactive, so more facts can be viewed by hovering over the charts.

2020 Financial Tech companies

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"Scottish Financial Services Infographic 2018" First published on Company Connecting September 2018
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