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By Janice


Company Connecting is researching companies in the North East of England, and companies in the area have registered and updated their Company Connecting profiles.

The North East of England is one of the 9 official regions of England and covers Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne and Wear and part of North Yorkshire. We have used the DH, DL, NE, SR and TS post codes to identify the companies to include from our database in this infographic. So far, we have information on 182 IT and telecom companies in the NE of England. We expect this number to increase substantially.

We will continue with our research and continue to add companies. Companies can also register with us and update their profiles.

The infographic below provides a few insights into those companies in NE England on the Company Connecting database.

Many of the companies are small: 54% have 5 employees or less, and only 19% have 20 employees or more. This is comparable with our figures for Scottish IT and telecoms companies.

The SME sector is by far the largest sector serviced by those technology companies, followed by Retail and Consumer Goods, Education, Healthcare and Oil & Gas sectors. The North East of England has worked closely with the Oil & Gas sector in the North East of Scotland so it is not surprising to see the Oil & Gas sector in the top five.

As with all our infographics, Software development is top of the skills. 38% of the companies have Software development skills, which is considerably higher than Scotland where 28% of the companies have Software Development skills. It also looks like telecoms skills are well catered for in the NE of England.

Newcastle has by far the largest number of IT and telecoms companies, and accounts for 37% of the companies on Company Connecting in the region. This may be partly due to our prioritisation of adding companies.
The infographic below is interactive, hover over the graphs for more information

North east England IT companies

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"IT and Telecoms companies infographic: North East England" First published on Company Connecting March 2018
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