2018 IT Companies Infographic of skills, sectors, size and location

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By Janice


Company Connecting has recently carried out a major review of its data.

Company Connecting is increasing its geographical range, and as can be seen from the word cloud in the infgographic below, we now have a significant number of companies in the UK and overseas. The North East of England features particularly strongly and future infographics will concentrate on the Newcastle, Sunderland and Gateshead areaswhere there is a vibrant IT industry.

The infographic is complemented by the information in the map of all the companies on the Company Connecting database.

Our infographic contains graphs and visuals on what IT and telecoms do, as well as where they are located:

  • Sectors: The SME sector comes top. Healthcare, Financial Services, IT and Oil & Gas are key sectors for IT and telecoms companies.
  • Skills: Software Development and Web Design totally dominate our skills table. The top 10 skills are a combination of software, app, mobile and web design. Recently we have noticed that the term ‘digital marketing’ is used for anything to do with web design and development, SEO and branding. We will be taking a closer look at these skills in the future, to understand whether the skills of these companies include the ability to provide back end solutions for websites too.
  • Company Size: Most of the companies on our database are small – 71% have less than 20 employees.
  • City: We have provided a sample of the cities on the Company Connecting database. 2,770 of the companies are in Scotland, so Scottish companies dominate. However our geographical reach is expanding, and there are a number of English citiies in our sample of 20, as well as Tallinn in Estonia
  • Country: The word map provides details of the countries with IT / telecoms companies in Company Connecting

You can view the infographic below. Its responsive, so  hover over the graphs and word clouds for more details.

Company Connecting IT and telecom Companies 2018

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"2018 IT Companies Infographic of skills, sectors, size and location" First published on Company Connecting January 2018
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