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By Janice


More than 15% (383) of the Scottish IT / tech companies on the Company Connecting database provide network and telecommunications services. There are huge variations in the companies and they services the provide. However, it is a clear indication of the importance of communications to all businesses. Many of the companies are pure network / telecoms but others have diversified their offering as the need for these services has increased. Perhaps this is reflected in that 50% of the companies have been in business for 10 years or more.

The top three sectors the companies supply are:
>SMEs (Small to medium sized enterprises)
> Oil & Gas

This differs from many of our other infographics and reflects the importance of communications in working within the offshore aspects of the Oil & Gas industry. The IT sector frequently appears in our top three: IT / tech companies supply one another both for their own internal use and also to provide wider services to their customers.

This is the first infographic we have ever produced which has something other than Software Development as the top skill. You can see the variety of skills in the word cloud below. Network Design, Consultancy and Installation is top, followed by telecoms, managed networks, network support, wireless solutions and VOIP. We would have expected to see more companies with Unified Communications skills and will be looking into this further in our review of all our data in March.

77% of the companies have less than 20 employees which is similar to the ‘norm’ for Scotland. Glasgow has by far the greatest number of  telecoms companies, with Edinburgh and Aberdeen both having similar numbers. Again this reflects the importance of communication in the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Aberdeen City and surrounding area has a high concentration of telecoms companies in comparison with the the size of the population.

You can explore the information further in our inforgaphic below. It would be great to hear from network and telecoms companies and learn more about the changes the industry is seeing as technology advances.

Company Connecting Scottish Network and TelecommunicationsCompanies

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 First published on Company Connecting January 2018
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