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Hi Mario, You are an expat from Italy, why did you decide to come to Scotland? Why Aberdeen?
I decided to expatriate from Italy when I was in the third year of high school. I wanted to develop an international career and I thought that the UK is the best place to start. I was committed to leaving Italy so I gave my best to satisfy the requirements to study abroad. Scotland gave me the opportunity to come here to study because the university is free for European students and it is much better than the one in Italy. Of course, I did not choose Scotland because it was near home or for the nice weather! I chose it because of the possibility to develop myself and my career.

What is your background and can you tell us how you came to work in Digital Marketing at Company Connecting?
I am a 21 years old RGU student, I was born in Italy and I decided to expatriate to challenge myself and have new exciting experiences. I am attending the third year of International Business Management and as part of the course I spend one semester in Germany with the Erasmus program, one of the best experiences of my life, and now I am working at Company Connecting as part of the Connect to Business Scheme. The Connect to Business scheme has given me the opportunity to develop my working skills theoretically and practically. This is essential for students to understand what their future work may look like. I had two previous work experiences as a Marketing Consultant at Compulab, an authorized Apple reseller and repair centre and a Marketing Operator at Starworks, which specializes in the production of games and software. In both companies my duties involved the use of social media. At Starwork I had the opportunity to improve my teamwork, project management skills and try the Agile methodology. During my time at Compulab I improved my communication skills having also the opportunity to have more face to face customer interactions.

What kind of Digital Marketing role have you had at CC?
My role is to manage the social media platforms of the company i.e. Twitter and Facebook, designing posts and studying social media marketing strategies. Another  activity is the review and management of Company Connecting’s newsletter. The company is planning to expand the business relationship in Italy, and so one of my duties is the translation of articles and social media communication in Italian. I am enjoying these roles, I am learning a lot, this has been the most formative working experience I have ever had, and I am sure it will make the difference in the future.

What are your hobbies?
In my free time I enjoy reading books about management, philosophy and psychology. I love watching movies and go to the gym. During the summer in Italy I have also the opportunity to have outdoor trips, biking and kayaking.
Do you feel like you have benefited from being at Company Connecting? Are you enjoying your job?
I feel like this experience is essential to develop my CV. I have absolutely enjoyed my experience here, what I gained, what I gave and the people I met. I had only two short working experiences but this was longer and I felt the difference between an Italian working environment and a UK working environment. This experience gave me the chance to question myself, what I can do, what I can’t and how to learn.

What are your plans for the future?
I have a lot of plans in the short term and in the long term but I still have to consider further before I make my final decision. After my 4th year at Robert Gordon University I am considering studying International Business in Edinburgh or in Glasgow. After my postgraduate I am thinking to enter in the banking sector but I have to explore more sectors before deciding. I have few business ideas that I would like to develop in the future. An MBA may be something I could take to develop further my knowledge. Of course, I will assess the possibility to continue studying abroad. There is never enough international experience for an International Business Management student! The only things that I know are that I will keep expanding my knowledge and my network. I am fully committed to reach my goals and to make the difference.

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